Louvre Panel Kits

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Louvre Panel Wall Units

From £87.08 excl VAT
  • These units come complete with containers
  • Wall fixed units make for efficient container storage & product access.
  • Containers now come inclusive with ID Label Card

Tool Storage System

£1,688.85 excl VAT
  • The original Total Storage System also provides space-saving & efficient tool & spare parts storage
  • It requires only 2 sqm of floor space but provides 16 sqm of storage area
  • Can be equipped with all M750 accessories – please call for details
  • There is no need to fasten it to the floor, as it stands firmly on its own. There is a wheel on the lower edge of the panels which makes them easy to move
  • The load capacity is 100 kg/panel. A maximum of 10 panels can be fastened to the tool storage system
  • Also available in grey - please call for details
  • Additional panels, accessories and hook sets also available - please call for details
  • 20 piece hook set includes; 5 x 50mm straight hooks, 5 x 33mm double hooks, 5 x 19mm spring hooks & 5 x 35mm angle hook
  • 45 piece hook set includes; 5 x 30mm straight hooks, 5 x 50mm straight hooks, 5 x 33mm double hooks, 5 x 19mm spring hooks, 5 x 22mm spring hooks, 1 x 220mm tool holder, 1 x 80mm tube, 5 x 35mm angle hook, 1 x 90mm cup, 5 x 60mm tool hooks, 5 x 35mm plier hooks, 1 x 60mm round hook & 1 x 238mm tool holder

Wall Louvre Kits

From £44.55 excl VAT

Bin Sizes

ARTB05 - 49H x 106W x 106D

ARTB10 - 76H x 106W x 136D

ARTB20 - 76H x 106W x 187D

ARTB25 - 127H x 140W x 205D

ARTB30 - 127H x 140W x 274D

ARTB40 - 179H x 210W x 375D

ARTB50 - 254H x 280W x 457D

ARTB60 - 179H x 415W x 375D

ARTB70 - 292H x 415W x 460D

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